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Entertainment & Nightlife in Brunei

Brunei follows strict Islamic rules and doctrines with respect to nightlife and alcoholism. Nightlife, therefore, does not find a strong place in the cultural life of Brunei.

Nightlife in Brunei is almost non-existent. The little traces of Brunei nightlife that are found in the country is limited to the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan and one or two other major cities. With the people leading a calm lifestyle, Brunei has only a few pubs. Nightlife of Brunei refers to eating out late at night or having a nice and enjoyable time at the restaurant.

Brunei being an Islamic state forbids late night partying, discos or alcoholism. Religious values are given utmost priority and therefore the people of Brunei resort to leading a socially controlled lifestyle. There are various places to dine out in Brunei and people enjoy themselves by dining out late. The nights in Brunei are still and silent, touched by a soothing calmness.





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