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Bringing Pets to Brunei

Generally, it is not advised to bring animals into Brunei because of the possibility of putting them in quarantine. This is to prevent the threat of local diseases (e.g. tick fever, rabies), which non-local animals may not be resistant to.

Although Brunei is a Muslim country where dogs are considered unclean to touch, animals are generally treated well and all kinds of animal products are readily available in supermarkets and special pet shops.

Pets and other animals are not permitted as any type of baggage on flights but can be checked in as manifested cargo. Brunei has a strict quarantine regulations in place for bringing pets and other animals into the country (the quarantine normally lasts 6 months). However, due note that there are only a few rabies free countries from which you can avoid the full 6 months quarantine when bringing animals into Brunei.

When importing a pet, contact the senior veterinary officer who is in charge of all importation of domestic
pets into Brunei. Request for the Import Permit Application form and the regulations relating to the importation of your pet.

Department of Agriculture,
Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources,
Bandar Seri Begawan BB3510
Tel: (+673) 238-0144 ext 310
Fax: (+673) 238-2226

Fill in the details on the Import Permit Application form, add an application letter stating why you want to bring in the pet, attach copies of the animal's vaccination report confirming rabies cover and send together with B$7 to the Senior Veterinary Officer.

Once the Import Permit is approved, a copy will be faxed or sent to you. You will need the copy of the Import Permit for the airline to transport the animal. The original is kept at the airport to await the animal’s arrival.

Inform the Senior Veterinary Officer in good time when the animal is due to arrive, as a Government Inspector has to be waiting at the Cargo Terminal at the Brunei International Airport to receive the animal.

Dog owners are required to have a dog licence in Brunei to protect the pet and its owners. Contact the Agriculture Department on where to obtain this license at an office nearest to you. The licence costs B$5 and is to be renewed annually.





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